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Profi Tours Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 0579/71130; Phone number for reservations: +359 879 09 23 64
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Mistral Hotel - address and map location

Address of Mistral Hotel - Balchik

Address: 8B Primorska str., Balchik 9600

Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 0579/71130

Phone number for reservations *: +359 879 09 23 64 - We speak English

* All hotel accommodation prices on this website are valid only for bookings, made online or at the reservation phones of Profi Tours Ltd, listed above.

Hotel location:

Located on the first line of hotels immediately by the marina and looking over the sea, this hotel welcomes with its beautiful stone faзade, wrought iron ornaments, luscious verdure and the Mediterranean spirit of southern France.

Address: 8B Primorska str., Balchik 9600, Balchik

Distance to beach: 720m
Distance to center: 550m
Distance to airport: 40 km
Distance to bus station: 500 m
Distance to railway station: 40 km
Distance to cash machine: 10 m
Distance to exchange office: on reception
Distance to restaurants: 0 m
Distance to supermarket: 100 m
Distance to shops: 100 m

Mistral Hotel on the map

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